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Taemeer Publications LLC



Developing Manager:

Mukarram Niyaz

Company Principal Address:

2222 W. GRAND RIVER AVE STE A, Okemos, MI 48864 (USA)

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Aik Bot - a Horror Novel by Salamat Ali Mehdi

The role of popular fiction in the popularity of Urdu has been prominent and of prime importance. Popular Literature is responsible for the diffusion of Urdu literature into the abode of the common realm. The absence of popular literature would have deemed Urdu Literacy to a confinement within Palaces, libraries and the Royal Courts, forsaking the common people of beautiful yet staggering pieces of Urdu literacy. Besides Ibn-e-Safi, there were many stalwarts of popular fiction, such as Gulshan Nanda, Adil Rasheed, Badnaam Rafiei, Dutt Bharti, Raees Ahmed Jafri, Saeed Amrit, Ranu, Izhar Asar, Siraj Anwar and Salamat Ali Mehdi etc. who contributed to the cause of development of such literary taste. Salamat Ali Mehdi, had gained immense fame by writing mysterious and horror novels. He himself writes in the preface of one of his mysterious novels supporting the stand of popular literature that: "A series of horror novels is nothing new. In Urdu literature, this trend is a prod

Raaste Khamosh hain - fiction by Mukarram Niyaz

Raaste Khamosh hain is a collection of 13 Urdu short stories written by Mukarram Niyaz. The stories tells the complex and ever-changing human relationships as well as reveal different aspects of the bond of affinity shrouded in a multi-layered complexity of family life. It include Introduction Essays written by renown Urdu Authors Allama Aijaz Farrukh (Hyderabad, India), Mohammad Hameed Shahid (Islamabad, Pakistan), Naeem Baig (Lahore, Pakistan), Ishrat Moin Seema (Germany) and a critical analysis of short story "Khaleej" by Dr. Arshad Abdul Hameed (Rajasthan, India). راستے خاموش ہیں - منتخب افسانے از مکرم نیاز محمد حمید شاہد لکھتے ہیں کہ: مکرم نیاز کا تخلیقی موضوع درد دِل رکھنے والا وہ انسان ہے جس کے ہاں مشینی اخلاقیات نہ ہوں۔ مکرم نیاز کو فطرت سے گریز پسند ہے نہ فطرت کا قیدی ہو کر سماجی تشکیل میں ناروا رخنے ڈالنا۔ سو اپنی فکر کے اس چراغ کی روشنی کو اپنے قاری تک پہچانے کے لیے وہ ایسی کہانی لکھتے ہیں جس میں فطری بہاؤ قائم رہتا ہے۔ Book Name Raaste Khamosh hain Autho